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Welcome back to AO3 wrapped. I'm sorry this asks for your password, but AO3 locks a readers history behind their account. Smart - but annoying for making these. If it makes you uncomfortable - For those savvy in code, all the BotHermione code is now open source, and can be found here. This function uses a Flask container on Heroku to perform the following actions:

  • Log into your account
  • Loop through your history
  • Parse data

And thats it. None of your details are stored on this website, nor are they on the server performing this operation. I have enough trouble managing my own account - let alone other users!

If you're having trouble due to a super long history, or servers being constantly overloaded, a local version will be available soon.

But, if you're feeling brave - please log in below and see all the grimy details about your 2023 on AO3.